Thank you for passing by my little corner of the web. For now, this site mainly serves as a listing of my research results and for pointing to my profiles on various web sites.

things in my corner

I am doing research in experimental quantum optics and quantum information. Have a look at my research summary.

my other sites

Have a look at my new blog about photography (and a lot of other things currently only in my mind), Turning mirrors.

I also have a random tumblr thing and a blog in Danish about life in Tokyo, but after starting up Turning mirrors, getting excited about Google+ and moving from Japan, I no longer keep those sites updated.

For historical interest, here's my old blog from when I visited Japan back in 2006.

connect with me

My profile on Google+ where I currently do most of my online socializing:

Feel free to connect with me there - alternatively on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

my stuff

I take photos. Find a few of them on PicasaWeb or by following me on Google+.

Trying my hand at videos as well. On Vimeo and YouTube.



Last month I put an end to three great years at NICT, moving to a new post doc position at DTU in Denmark. On the way home I am spending one month at the University of Queensland in Brisbane.


Made a cool new vanity URL for my Google+ profile:


I started up a new blog, Turning mirrors!


Added a description and video of our cv qubit state to the physics page.

Uploaded our interactive application that visualizes the entire data set of the cv qubit experiment. Please have a go with it!

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